WSL News

2017 Pro Santa Cruz is on!" class="x-el x-el-div x-ntrl-def x-f-alt-fam x-f-sz-md x-c-text-hl x-td-underline ">It's been a fairly poor Spring leg in Europe so far, the last two events have been plagued with minimal surf and the Pro Santa Cruz pres. by Oakley started similarly with a lay day yesterday.Conditions weren't epic, but the swell did show up and built throughout the day to bring us exciting heats and a few excellent scores. Here are a few highlights you may have missed.

Jeep Leaderboard

John John and Stephanie Gilmore still top the list of the Jeep Leaderboard, but they are closely followed. On the mens side, Owen Wright, Madina, and Kelly Slater follow closely with their chances coming up.  The ladies are no different.  Lakey Peterson follows closely with the leader spot in her views.